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After leading thousands of students and teaching on dating several times a year, Matt and his wife Ashten have combined their biblical knowledge on dating and written a 31-day Bible study. This 2-in-1 journal features the guy's perspective of dating on one side of the book and the girl's perspective on the other. Designed to be completed on a daily basis for one month as a couple, this journal serves couples by providing God's design for relationships and marriage. Upon completion, both the guy and the girl should have a much better understanding of one another and what a godly relationship looks like. 

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Most couples spend countless hours preparing for their wedding, but don't think too much about preparing for their marriage. With a 51% divorce rate in the United States, the stats unfortunately aren't in your favor. However, by investing time and effort in analyzing potential problem areas in your relationship before they arise, studies show that you have the ability to dramatically swing the stats in your favor and increase the chances of enjoying your marriage for the rest of your life. Matt is a certified pre-marital facilitator who can help guide and direct you and your fiancée before you exchange your vows. 

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Get married is one of the most rewarding decisions you will ever make. It is also one of the most difficult. Nobody ever said that marriage is easy. When you take two people who never had to worry about anyone but themselves and throw them into the same home and expect everything to be "happily ever after", it oftentimes just doesn't work out that way. As a preventative measure, pre-marital counseling is strongly suggested to help stop problems before they arise. For couples who never went through pre-marital counseling or are simply having a tough time in marriage, Matt offers a Marriage Checkup session to re-align your marriage and get you both back on the right track. 

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